Most people think of the sweet potato for Thanksgiving or holidays.  However, they have a lot of health benefits.  Especially when you have digestive issues.  The sweet potato is actually a root vegetable and not related to ordinary white potatoes . Beneath the brown shell of a sweet potato is an  orange-white flesh that, when cooked, melts into a light fluff with a sugary, yet spicy taste. Beyond your usual baking, roasting and mashing techniques, sweet potatoes can be added to sweet and savory dishes.

I started using sweet potato as a way to substitute for all the things I could not eat without getting sick to my stomach.  And thinking outside of the box,  I realized that I could work with it to really create flavorful recipes that were gluten-free.  Also by adding it to our smoothies or even turkey balls, I could create a totally satisfying mea full of fiber.

Top 10 Health Benefits for the Sweet Potato

  1. Calming for Stomach
  2. Anti Inflammatory
  3. Full of Nutrients
  4. Healthy Heart
  5. Boosts Immune System
  6. Rich in Beta Carotene
  7. Good for Lung Function
  8. Detoxifying Heavy Metals
  9. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
  10. Easily Digestible and Full of Fiber


Adi De Los Angeles

Adi De Los Angeles

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