Eating clean is a health or fitness term which means eating healthier food that’s as near its natural form as possible. It is a fitness enthusiast word that is used primarily by athletes, athletes, body builders, and fitness professionals.

We love to use “eating clean” because it sums up healthy nutrition without needing to use the dreaded “D-word,” Diet!

A person who eats clean makes excellent nutrition choices including:

-Whole grain pasta and bread.
-Eats and drinks low or no-fat dairy.
-Can select unsalted nuts, dried fruit, and seeds over junk food.
-Does not eat fried, processed, or frozen food that is high in saturated fat.
-Limits sugar.
-Drinks a great deal of water.
-Eats small meals often.
-Consumes a lot of vegetables and fruits.
-May supplement with protein powder and vitamins.

-Brings a dinner to work and restricts dining out.
-Will cook at home as frequently as possible with raw ingredients

Try eating clean for a week or even more and soon you will notice an increase in energy, and a reduction is weight! We recommend keeping track of your calories for a few weeks until you get used to your new eating habits. You can use either a food diary, or just download an app on your smartphone or tablet to make it even easier. It is surprising but very beneficial to see just how much you’re eating and how carbohydrates, and fat can add up during the day.

The key to achieving a healthy lifestyle is determination and discipline. You should be determined to reach a healthy lifestyle and consider the long term positive effects as of what it is you do.

The Heart Association provides some great information on healthy eating also.

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